Stamperia Shabby Pink Roses and Coral Rose Ribbon


Shabby Pink Roses Card Stamperia House of Roses Reneabouquets April in Paris Beautiful Board Really Reasonable Ribbon by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Stamperia Shabby Pink Roses and Coral Rose Ribbon: Stamperia House of Roses

Hello, Friends!  I hope you are not tired of seeing projects made with the House of Roses collection because today’s Stamperia Shabby Pink Roses and Coral Rose Ribbon feature that collection once again.  What can I say?  Sometimes a collection captures my imagination and I simply can’t stop playing with it.  Does that ever happen to you?  This one also features a lovely Reneabouquets Beautiful Board doily and vintage pearl topped corsage pins that I found at the Flea Market a while back.  (No junkin’ these days….sigh….) .  The bow uses my favorite ribbon (at the moment) and some lovely flowers and foliage.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Stamperia Shabby Pink Roses and Coral Rose Ribbon: Creating Layers

I tried some new layering techniques on this shabby chic card, and really like the way they turned out.

Stamperia House of Roses Card Reneabouquets April in Paris Beautiful Board Coral Rose Plaid Ribbon by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

You would never guess that this card has just one layer of designer paper in the background.  But it does.  The trick I used to create all this wonderful depth and dimension was backing the focal image with layers of waste chipboard.  Then I trimmed around a floral cluster in the paper collection and layered it with a torn piece of wood plank patterned paper.  This lends the illusion that the roses are growing out of a flower box.

Next, create a 5″ x 5″ square panel of cream cardstock.  Choose a soft neutral pattern to line it.  Then emboss the doily with a glitter embossing powder and adhere it in the upper corner.  Now you can begin to layer the fussy cut flowers with some Little Birdie flowers and foliage.  Finish off the panel by wrapping it with White Iridescent Metallic String and a trio of pearl buttons.   All that is left to do now is tie some bows and attach a flower.  Simple.  Elegant. Beautiful.  I really love this card!

Stamperia Shabby Pink Roses and Coral Rose Ribbon: A Peek Inside

I continued the theme of simple elegance on the inside of the card.  Just add a lovely die cut sentiment panel and a mini envelope to hold the tea bag.

If you’d like to see more Stamperia House of Roses projects, click HERE.  You’ll also find a linked supply list below.

Creating beautiful things helps the time to pass, keeps me in good spirits and gives me something positive to focus on.  How are you all holding up?  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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14 thoughts on “Stamperia Shabby Pink Roses and Coral Rose Ribbon

  1. Rosemary D. Schroader

    I love this card, Kathy! Some great ideas, too! Thank you for continuing to delight us with your projects. I am at this point way ahead of my cards to mail. So have been out in the yard getting it ready for spring (in IL that could be a ways off!) Today, I am attempting to make face masks for my family in CA. I’d much rather be making cards, but oh, well. Duty calls. IL may have to be wearing them soon, too. Stay well and safe!

  2. Barbie Williams

    Hi Kathy, such a lovely card. I just love everything you design. It’s so neat how you gave that illusion of multiple layers, with just a few things. So neat. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your next youtube video as well.

  3. Glenda

    Kathy, this is lovely. I hope you and yours are well. I’ve pretty much isolated myself but am going out in full gear for a few supplies. I need meds from pharmacy and will do a bit of shopping while I’m there.

  4. Carol Edwards

    Wow Kathy this is just stunning. Stamperia papers are beautiful but you just bring them alive. I love how you’ve created a window box effect with the roses casually falling over the edge. Clever idea to give the illusion of layers too. Stay safe and well my friend xx

  5. Trish Tibbetts

    I am in love with this paper as well. Thanks for inspiring me with your lovely cards!

  6. Martie Rollin

    I love combining fussy cut flower images with dimensional blooms…lovely floral display. Clever use of the wood print to give the idea of a flower box! While these beautiful flowers are the attention grabber, for me, the buttons are a close second…love the shabby/vintage feel these little elements bring to the card. Thanks you for continuing to post your artful projects…much appreciated!! We’ll all be staying home for another month…i need to get more productive! Sitting around and waiting for this to end isn’t making me happy. So! Today I resolve to be more productive and positive on behalf of myself! And I will call several friends to just say Hello…social distancing is not isolation…keep in touch with others! And, if I concentrate hard enough, I can figure out how to make flat cards…thus, avoiding a trip to the Post Office to have a padded envelope weighed. Onward!

  7. Susan Steele

    Wow! This card is gorgeous and sooo shabby chic vintage looking! And that’s the way I like it! Its climbing right up the old rock wall! Beautiful! Roses were always my mother’s favorite flower! And that sweet little envelope with those tiny rosebuds on the inside …luv that idea for a tea bag! You always take us to the next level!!! And no layering …well it sure looks it! And only one flower! Wow! With your placement of fussy cuts …looks like half a dozen at least!!! Lol! Beautiful!!! Thank you Kathy for all the great tips you’ve shared with us! And ….Tired of roses….Never!!! Take care and stay safe! Hugs, Suzy Q


    All I can say, Kathy is that you and Stamperia make the perfect partners – simply stunning!!!

  9. soozyb2013

    You know how much I love Stamperia papers and this is no exception. Just beautiful. A neighbour of mine, who will be 100 in August, has the most amazing rose bush in the front of his mobile home. The fragrance from it is just soooooo wonderful. The perfume is just so euphoric for me cause my Dad had a few amazing rose bushes. Stay well everybody.

  10. MaryH

    I too love this card and felt several things as I enjoyed looking at the card. To me you think and design outside the box. Your design is well thought out and thoughtful even though declared “simple”, the design/composition is far from that – it is meticulously staged for us. Thus I think we viewers become emotionally and psychologically engaged.

    I love how that your work encourages, inspires, and challenges viewers to think about how a choice of paper and color will effect the tone of the card and evokes certain emotions, like a painter does with the subtle placement of light.

    The paper is so pretty and calming. Do I still need help choosing which paper(s) and embellishments to use for my projects? You betcha! Hopefully I can channel Kathy on my shoulder whispering in my ear “that one”… And conceivably this way, I can turn my ordinary card(s) into more extraordinary one(s) like Kathy’s! Thank you, Kathy, for my morning smile and making me think! Now off to have that cuppa (late start).

  11. Candy

    Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!! I do love pink roses; real or otherwise. This card is stunning with the design you’ve created and the lovely lacey die cut. I adore the shabby paper, too. Simply stunning, Kathy!

  12. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, this card is absolutely gorgeous! That is one beautiful collection by Stamperia. And that doily! How exquisite! I really like the softness of the roses against the brick and wood background. Your little envelope on the inside is such a neat idea for holding your tea bag. Thank you for sharing and hope you are all well! Hugs!

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