Stamperia Winter Botanic Photo Folio

Stamperia Winter Botanic Photo Folio

Hello, Friends!  Let’s start the week off beautifully with a Stamperia Winter Botanic Photo Folio.  If you love poinsettias (and I do!) and you love Old World style (yes, that, too!) then I think you will love this project.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother decorated her Christmas tree each year with bubble lights.  I can remember thinking that they were the most magical ornaments I’d ever seen.  Some sort of liquid in the lights bubbled up inside a candle shaped bulb.  Here’s a picture I found on Pinterest.

Something about the cover on this 7″ x 6″ x 1″ folio reminds me of those bubble lights.  Not sure why, but I love that it does!

Winter Botanic Photo Folio Cover

  • First, create a 7″ x 6″ x 1″ folio base by joining panels of cardstock together.  (You can find a tutorial for a similar folio base HERE. The dimensions are different, but the basic construction is the same.)
  • Next, heat emboss Reneabouquets Large Simply Beautiful Frame with WOW! Sparkling Snowflakes Embossing Powder.
  • Now back the frame with clear cardstock.  Adhere with Dries Clear Adhesive and let set.
  • Then attach 3 layers of 1/8″ foam strips around the perimeter of the frame.
  • Layer panels of designer paper alternately with red, green and gold cardstock.  The final panel is a card front cut from the Winter Botanic paper collection.  Place your shaker mix in the center of this image.
  • Now press the frame in place.
  • Heat Emboss Reneabouquets Snowflakes and the Holly Flourish Garland with Dazzling Diamonds.  Layer these on the frame and tuck in with the Floral Cluster.
The Spine and Back Cover

Wrap the spine with fabric to strengthen it.  This festive burlap panel adds texture and shine, too.  Punch a hole at the top and thread through a little clock key and some Glass Fairy Orbs.

TIP: Layer scraps of patterned paper on the back cover to create a Christmas quilt.

A Peek Inside

Finish the inside of the photo folio in any way you wish.  I chose to add a belted waterfall feature on the left and a box pocket on the right.  However, you could easily add the waterfall to both sides of the album.

The patterns in this collection are so very beautiful that I did not embellish them in any way.

Create a pocket behind the waterfall.  This is a great place to tuck in more photos and a little accordion style folio.

To make this folio, simply cut this panel from the 12×12 pad.  Then score between the images.  Fold and hold it in place with a little paper clip embellishment.

There is loads of room in the box pocket to add little gifts.  I stitched up a quick bookmark.  Then I added a crocheted snowflake ornament, demitasse spoone, cookie, peppermint stick, and other treats inside.

I had enough scraps left over to make an additional photo wallet.

Stamperia Winter Botanic Photo Folio Video Tour

If you would like to see this project in live action, I’ve created a short video tour with tips and tricks for you.


I hope I’ve shared some tips, tricks and ideas that you can use when making your own Christmas gifts.  I think this folio would also make a great little recipe album!  Once the treats are gone from the pockets, you can tuck recipes in their place.  It would also make a wonderful Heritage Christmas Folio.  How would you use it?  I’d love to hear in the comment section below.

You’ll find a linked supply list below this post.

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11 thoughts on “Stamperia Winter Botanic Photo Folio

  1. Sharon Betts

    Absolutely precious! I love the way the pages inside the left side lay. Wouldn’t it be fun to put the story of “Susie’s third Christmas” done in her mother’s handwriting? It would be a beautiful treasure to pass down through the years? Substitute any name or age and imagine children hearing about their parents at their age!

  2. Glenda

    Well you have done it again my friend! I love how your mind works and then how you pull all those wonderful creative thoughts into a project! I can’t wait to have time to watch the video. It is next on my list!

  3. MaryH

    My parents went all out for Christmas – not an inch was left undecorated, including ceilings! It was magical inside and outside!!! Well for those interested, bubble lights can still be bought (Amazon) and Christmas themed night lights with a single bubble light (Amazon too and other novelty Christmas shops). Two years ago, I bought a Christmas bubble night light for each bathroom (Santa, Snowman, Deer & Christmas tree). Everyone who came for dinner loved them.

    And, Kathy, I love this beautiful project. I am always amazed and admire your talent and creations. They always invoke such happy memories. And of course, I think your hidden gifts are wonderful and I immediately have to have tea and chocolate! When the doctor asks why the weight gain I am pointing a finger in your directions (ha, ha). Love your tutorials and tips; you made my day, THANKS!

  4. soozyb2013

    Beautiful! I remember those old lights, we also had some ones that resembled candles, oh and the old glass ornaments. I gave all my old bobbles away a few years ago. Trees don’t seem to make their way into the house anymore. Lots of lovely memories looking at this project and I thank you for that. 🙂 Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Renea Harrison

    Kathy, this is so gorgeous and yes it reminds me of the Bubble Lights Packaging!! We still have some of those from where we would use them on my sons tree when he was little. He loved them so much and we would turn his room into a Winter Wonderland. Thank you for creating art that takes us to magical places.


    Gorgeous, Kathy!! It’s the gift that keeps on giving – I love the red burlap on the spine – beautiful work!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, and be safe!!

  7. Beverly Jordan

    This is so stunning and I remember having those bubble lights. Only 30 years ago, I found them at Target and bought two sets of the newer version but alas they too broke over time! It was so fun to see the action of the bubbles with all the tree lights reflection!
    This is a stunning project and am in love with the gorgeous snowflake die on the cover and all of the details! Great work Kathy!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, this is an absolutely breathtaking folio! Oh yes, the bubble lights. How magical they were. I couldn’t wait for my Grandmother to put up her tree because she too had those beautiful lights! As a little girl , it seems like I would sit for hours and watch them. The colors of your shaker elements really do bring back the memories. Everything you’ve done on the inside is gorgeous. Such warm and cozy holiday images. I love the burlap spine and the Christmas quilt layers are a wonderful idea! What a fantastic gift this will make! Thank you for sharing this beautiful folio! Hugs!

  9. Sara Barker

    Wow, Kathy! I cannot tell you what a joy it is to visit your blog this morning! I love the traditional feel of your photo journal and of course all the little surprises you’ve created inside with the tuck spots, waterfall pages, accordion folios and all those little goodies! The front cover is just amazing with that framed shaker and yes, it does remind me of those bubble lights. How fun and perfectly retro! As for me, since I never get around to printing off photos, I would use this more as a place to record special memories of the Christmas season in written form or perhaps put some of those special gift tags I often hang onto. I also like to keep parts of special Christmas cards along with the sender’s name, so I have a memory I can actually look at without hanging onto the entire card (unless it’s homemade, of course!). I would put those in this wonderful little keepsake album, as well. Well done, as always! I’m looking forward to watching your video! Big hugs!

  10. Susan Steele

    Oh Wow!!! This Winter Photo folio book is just gorgeous!!! How do you do it? Each project is amazing! Luv this old world vintage look …especially the colors …dark red and gold! The red and gold dot burlap spine …luv that with all your poinsettias! And that is the most gorgeous frame ever! …and a shaker too! Absolutely adore the inside also! I would probably only use the box pocket and a couple of pages inside for holiday pictures. They’re just too beautiful to cover them all up! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family. Hugs, Suzy Q

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