Stamperia Winter Valley Deluxe Tea Party in a Box

Stamperia Winter Valley-Deluxe Tea Party in a Box-Reneabouquets-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

Stamperia Winter Valley Deluxe Tea Party in a Box with Reneabouquets

Hello, Friends!  I’m popping in quickly today to share this Stamperia Winter Valley Deluxe Tea Party in a Box.  This was not a planned project.  A funny thing happened while cleaning up my work desk.  I was putting these lovely papers away one moment, and the next thing I knew I was knee-deep into creating this sweet project.  What can I say?  These papers are delightful, and I could not resist another play date with them.

While there is no tutorial for this project, I did create a little project share video where I’ll share tips and techniques with you.  I’ll add the basic folio measurements in the details box below the video on my YouTube channel.

Winter Moon

This time, I invited some Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board to the party.  How precious is this scene with the children and the deer?  It was such a good match for this paper collection that I just had to invite it in.

A Reneabouquets Holly Corner helped to frame this sweet winter scene.

A Peek Inside

Although I created this to serve as more of a lap book, I did make sure to provide some photos and journaling.  This paper speaks to me of winter creatures and starry skies that I just wanted to let it tell a story.

Loaded with flaps and pockets and even a pop up page, this interactive folio is really fun to flip through.  You’ll see all the details in the video below.

So if  you still have this paper out on your desk, here’s another fun idea to help you bring it to life.  It’s probably one of the sweetest collections I’ve ever worked with, and I wish I’d bought more!  Does that ever happen to  you?

Stamperia Winter Valley Deluxe Tea Party in a Box Project Share on YouTube

If you’d like to walk through this darling project with me, I hope you’ll enjoy this project share video.


If you missed yesterday’s Stamperia Winter Valley Mini File Folder Album tutorial, you can find it HERE.

You can find a linked supply list below this post.

Thanks so much for stopping by friends!  Stay cozy!





4 thoughts on “Stamperia Winter Valley Deluxe Tea Party in a Box

  1. Helen

    Wow it amazes me how much you pack into one project, so many turns and tabs to explore. Your stash of teaspoons are always a finishing touch with the tea party, this is a gift that keeps giving! Thankyou for sharing at such a busy time. Oh and yes my snowfall grit has nearly gone, it is a super medium and adds that touchability to the projects.

  2. Renea Harrison

    Such a sweet Tea Party in a box Kathy! I swear December is sliding past me so quickly. I had so many intentions of doing some projects, but the shop has been busy, and it is what puts the Christmas Dinner on the table-LOL!! Thank you for letting me dream through your projects. Much love and warm hugs~ Renea

  3. Joni E

    I definitely wish I had bought more of some paper collections. Sometimes I even find it hard to use some of them as they are so pretty I hate to cut them up! Thank you for sharing this walk through of this adorable tea party in a box.

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