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Nautical Themed Wedding Favor Boxes Tutorial

Nautical Wedding Boxes Tutorial by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Nautical Themed Wedding Favor Boxes Tutorial for Throwback Thursday and Wedding Recap

Hello, Friends!  The long-anticipated wedding is past, bags are unpacked, and now I can finally share this Nautical Themed Wedding Favor Boxes Tutorial with you.  I’m still trying to get caught up on all the things that didn’t get done here on the home front prior to the big day.  And I’m still basking in the happiness of what could only be called a perfect day!

Wedding Photos

I thought you might like to see a few photos of that perfect day.  You can find more on my Kathy by Design Facebook page. But I’ll share a few here before we get into the tutorial for the boxes.

Here’s our gorgeous daughter and her new husband…and yes…Liz and Chris DID wear their wedding finery out into the surf after the reception was over.  This photo sums up their adventurous, fun-loving relationship perfectly!

And here’s Liz with my sweet husband Dale.  The only thing trickier than walking in the sand was making it down that long, steep flight of stairs to the beach! Liz is wearing my mom’s pearl necklace.

And this is our new family!  All three of the grandgirls were in the wedding party, along with our daughter Kimberly (back row left).  Chris’ brother is a Navy chaplain, (front row, second from left) and he performed the ceremony, which made it extra special.  I fell in love with his wife, Lisa (front row first left). Our son Peter is in the cowboy hat and his wife Mindy is beside him.  Chris’ mom is in front of them.  Our youngest son Joel is beside me and his beautiful wife Melody is beside him.  Sophie is in the front right and the Littles are in front of Liz and Chris.  We did not know that the groom and the groomsmen would be wearing blue suits when Dale and I chose our blue outfits, but isn’t it nice how that all worked out?

Peter made the gorgeous cake plate with the copper hoop.  Instead of a big cake, they opted for a 6″ version with cupcakes and donuts for the guests.  It was a good decision!

Nautical Themed Wedding Favor Box Tutorial:  Assembly Line Method

Nautical Wedding Favor Boxes Tutorial by kathy Clement kathy by Design Photo 01

When you have to make 82 table favors, you have to have a plan.  I chose to use an assembly line method that I developed back when I was making souvenir menus for BMW corporate banquets.  It really helps to have a designated box or storage spot when you are making in bulk.  Keep all your tools, papers, paint, dies, embossing folders, etc. in that box.  That way you don’t have them scattered all over the house.

Here’s how I tackle this sort of task:

  • First, cut all the box bases.  Box tops measured 5 3/8″ square while box tops measured 5 1/2″ square.
  • Next, emboss all the box tops.  I did these 10-20 at a time, as I found a moment here and there.
  • Then, dry brush all the box tops and set aside to dry.
  • While the box tops are drying, score, fold, cut and assemble the box bottoms.
  • Now, score, fold, cut and assemble the box tops.
  • Next, cut the liner sheets for the box bottoms.
  • Then adhere all the liner sheets for the box bottoms.
  • Stamp the shell image once, scan into your computer and size to fit the project. Then you can copy/paste and print out a whole page of stamped images instead of stamping the same image 82 times!
  • Compose and size the message in the same way, then print on vellum.

Once you have all the pieces prepared, the assembly goes pretty quickly.  Muscle memory allows you to go faster and faster when you repeat the same task over and over.

Nautical Themed Wedding Favor Boxes Tutorial on YouTube

The tutorial for the box we are making today is a bit more elegant than the ones I made for the wedding, and takes just a bit more time.  I decided to create a box with an interior folded edge for two reasons.  One: it looks better, and two: it’s sturdier.  I wish I had thought of this before the wedding, but it actually dawned on me at the wedding reception.  Next time I’ll do better!

Of course, you can use any color cardstock for your box base.  If you don’t want to emboss, you can just cover the box with pretty paper, or leave it plain and dress it up with ribbon, flowers and a little tag.  The possibilities are endless!

Well, my dryer just buzzed, so I’d best go get another load of laundry going.  At least I am never bored!

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How to Make an Elegant Gift Box

Spellbinders 4 Petal Floral Embossing Folder-Gift Box-Tutorial-Reneabouquets-Kathy Clement-Kathy by Design

How to Create an Elegant Gift Box with Spellbinders Four Petal Floral 3D Embossing Folder

Hello, Friends!  It’s Make & Take Tuesday, and I’m going to show you how to create an elegant gift box with Spellbinders 4 Petal Floral 3D Embossing Folder.  Last Friday, I shared THIS TUTORIAL showing you some quick and easy mixed media techniques with this same folder.  We had this extra panel of embossed paper left over and I promised to show  you how to make a pretty gift box with it.

I have just finished making 82 of these sweet little boxes (using a beach/seashell 3D Folder) for our daughter’s wedding next week.  I’ll share those with you after the wedding.  These are so much fun to make, and are such an elegant way to present a small gift or a gift card.  I think you are going to want to make a LOT of these over the course of time.

Dragonflies, Flowers and a Belly Band

The belly band in this box design allows me to add some beautiful details to the design.  The gorgeous dragonfly is a new item from Reneabouquets.  Sweet little handmade posies adorn a shabby chic bow.  I opted not to give the belly band a mixed media treatment to provide a bit of contrast from the box.  But you certainly could use the same techniques to make it match if you wanted to.

What’ s Inside the Box?


I wanted to add a few little surprises inside my 3 1/2″ square gift box.  Here’s what I did, and you can do the same, or come up with your own fabulous ideas:

  • First, line the box interior with designer papers.  This really takes things up a notch, and makes the box even more sturdy.
  • Next, die cut the APG December 2022 DOM notecard from matching cardstock.  (This is Michael’s Recollections Heavy Weight 100# Rose Petals Cardstock). It makes a perfect little spot to tuck in the other sweet surprises.

  • Die cut the filigree heart from the APG January DOM and back it with the same blush cardstock.  Punch a hole in the top, thread with ribbon, and slide on one of Reneabouquets new Dreamer Trinkets Keys.  Attach a bow and handmade flower to create a sweet little bookmark or tag.
  • Gift wrap a tea bag with scraps from Stamperia Old Lace paper collection.  it fits perfectly into the folder.

  • Die cut a circle from Old Lace, then use the same die to cut a circular card base.  Fold a piece of Rose Petals cardstock in half. If you allow the top edge of the circle die to extend a little beyond the fold, it will cut out as a round card base.
  • Finally, add a sweet vintage silver spoon or a bit of chocolate or a piece of jewelry or a gift card to the mix.  The box can be used for small keepsakes and looks beautiful on a night stand.
How to Make an Elegant Gift Box Tutorial on YouTube

If you’d like to learn how to make this sweet little gift box, I hope you’ll enjoy this video tutorial.


That’s all for me, my friends!  I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day today!  Please know that you are loved!

You’ll find a linked supply list below this post.

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Tiara Trifold Shabby Chic Gift Box Set

Amazing Paper Grace DOM July 2022 Shabby Chic Gift Box by Kathy Clement Photo 01

 Tiara Trifold Shabby Chic Gift Box Set June 2022 APG DOM and Stamperia Garden of Promise

Hello, Friends!  Today I’m sharing this Tiara Trifold  shabby chic gift box set made with the June 2022 Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month Little boxes of all kinds delight me.  It has been far too long since I last made one.  But as soon as I opened this gorgeous Die of the Month, the idea began forming in my brain.  I’ve paired this delightful die up with Stamperia’s Romantic Garden of Promise paper collection.  Oh, what fun I had putting this project together!   

I’ve prepared a short video tour of the project for you with lots of tips and ideas for using this marvelous die. There’s also a complete photo array of the project  at the end.  So I won’t overwhelm you with a lot of information here.

This little box has so much room for goodies!  If you’re interested, I might try to work up a tutorial showing you how to build the walls, inner box, trifold card and inserts.  Just let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see what I can do!

Tiara Trifold Shabby Chic Gift Box Tour with Tips on YouTube

I hope you will enjoy this video tutorial over on my YouTube channel. 

I also wanted to let you know that Spellbinders is having a wonderful 40% off sale this weekend.  Woo-hoo!

If you’d like to join the Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month Club, you can do that HERE.

You can find a linked supply list below this blog post.

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Trifold Tiara Shabby Chic Gift Box Supply List