Thank a Veteran Greeting Card with Authentique

Thank a Veteran Greeting Card with Authentique Honor

Hello, Friends!  Today I’m taking a moment to thank all the brave men and women who serve in our military.  It’s Veteran’s Day here in the US, and the fine folks at Authentique Paper are taking a moment to honor our service men and women.  I’ve used Authentique’s Honor Collection to create this Thank a Veteran Greeting Card.

Thank a Veteran Greeting Card Honor by Kathy Clement Product by Authentique Paper Photo 1

The card measures 5″ x 7″ with a 1/4″ spine.  A cascade of handmade rosettes, die cut stars, and vintage buttons adorn the front of this red, white, and blue beauty.

I made the sentiment panel by die cutting the word THANKS from a piece of blue cardstock.  Then I backed it with the red, white and blue stripe paper from the collection.  This is an older Authentique collection, but I just love all the beautiful patterns and images.

Inside, I’ve decorated the card with a banner flag and 3″ x 4″ journal card from the collection.

The pocket holds this beautiful sentiment card.  You could easily add a photo to the back, and tuck more into the pocket.

I also created a little 3.25″ x 6″ gift card wallet.

Here’s a peeky at the inside.

Thank A Veteran: A personal note

I’m the proud daughter of a WWII veteran.  Two of my older brothers served in the military as well.  My oldest brother served in the Korean DMZ in the 1960’s.  Brother Dave served two tours in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  My aunt was a nurse during WWII.  Both grandfathers and numerous uncles all served, as well as my lovely niece who spent time in the Middle East.  I am so thankful to them.  They sacrificed and put themselves in harm’s way so I could live free.  So today, take a moment and thank a veteran.  It will do your heart good.



9 thoughts on “Thank a Veteran Greeting Card with Authentique

  1. Carol Edwards

    Hi Kathy a lovely tribute for your veterans and family. In the UK too a special day for all to give thanks for the brave people serving in our Armed Services. Carol xx

  2. junephipps

    Rememberance Day is a day we give thanks to all the brave men and women who came together to fight for justice and freedom. My thoughts go out to all the families who have loved ones engaged in conflict around the world today. A beautiful card Kathy . TFS
    Blessings from UK

  3. Pattie jnd

    Hi Kathy, awesome thank you very impressive. I had that Roseie we can do it poster at one time. When I worked for the Air Force. Thanks from an Army Vetern Flag is flying

  4. Helen

    Kathy, this remembrance card is stunning. I’m thinking that this would make a wonderful home decor project for November with a way to incorporate the names of family and friends who have served in our armed forces–keeps their service in mind as an inspiration. tfs

  5. Gina

    Hey Kathy,
    Again a stunning Card and i have seeing 2 other Card with the title You inspire my and Daisy Dreams the are amazing WoW WoW WoW beautiful Kathy.
    Mvg gina België

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