The Squirrel’s Christmas Party Gift Box Folio

Stamperia Pink Christmas The Squirrel's Christmas Party Gift Box Folio by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Stamperia Pink Christmas/Sweet Christmas The Squirrel’s Christmas Party Gift Box Folio

Hello, Friends!  Oh, the countdown for Christmas is truly on!  But I still have time to share this darling Stamperia Sweet Christmas/Pink Christmas Squirrel’s Christmas Party Gift Box Folio with you.  I made (and sold!) a lot of these this Christmas season, but I am still not tired of them.  The 4 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ size makes them perfect for gifting.  I shared a YouTube tutorial for building this base earlier this week.  If you missed it, this gives you another chance to find it.  The base for this one is scored at 5 1/2 instead of 5″, so the front flap is a little short.  It’s so easy to vary the dimensions for the base simply by scoring.  That is one of the things I love about this design: it’s very adaptable. The antique bronze bulldog clip helps hold the cover closed.   Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Squirrel’s Christmas Party Gift Box Folio: Making the Nest

Meet Edith Squirrel.  She’s the chairwoman of the village Christmas party.  She is frantically decorating her nest for the holiday Christmas House competition.  And she is wearing her favorite pearls as she decorates.  Her nest is a vintage drawer pull that she found abandoned in the meadow.  It’s a bit corroded from lying in the wet grasses, but still looks very festive surrounded by pine cones, flowers, Spanish Moss, and a wee sisal tree.  If she wins the competition, Father Christmas will have tea with her.  Here is how she decorated her nest.

The Squirrel’s Christmas Party Gift Box Folio: A Peek Inside

The inside of this folio is filled with interactive features.

I built a magnetic flap/flip page on both the top and the bottom.

The middle panel is a sweet little accordion style folio.

And of course it has pockets and tea and tags!

it looks like Edith won the Christmas House competition because here is Father Christmas to have tea with her!

TIP: Score and fold large images to fit inside the folio.  This is how you make a big piece of patterned paper fit in a small space.

The box pocket on the bottom holds a little wrapped parcel decorated with a vintage carved wooden candy cane.

Edith must have been a very good little squirrel this year, as Father Christmas has brought her lots of lovely treats!  This envelope is a cut apart image from  the paper collection.  I simply folded and tied with ribbon.  But if you have an envelope punch board, you can make your own envelope to tuck inside. I’ve done that as well on other projects.

So that is my Christmas offering for you today.  I hope I shared some tips, tricks and ideas that you can use in your own crafty adventures.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.  Now I’m back to the kitchen to finish baking my Christmas cookies!

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16 thoughts on “The Squirrel’s Christmas Party Gift Box Folio

  1. Helen

    Never too late to tell you how much I love your designs, Kathy. This is another delightful one from that great Stamperia paper set. Hoping to find it somewhere online. Til then I’ll be dreaming up how to use some of my stash to create this box folio in the new year. Happy New Year! Hugs.

  2. Susan Steele

    This is just too cute!!! Luv your beautiful card!!! And you know how I luv your stories! Adorable! And P. S. I sure do luv how Edith decorated her ‘nest’ …she’s one clever little lady!!! Enjoy your holiday! Big hugs, Suzy Q

  3. Vicki Brandon

    This is really beautiful Kathy. I hope to make it one day. I have just started on cards. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Xx

  4. Isabel Borrero-Gonzalez

    Wow, we got a two for one today, with a gorgeous folio and a story to go with it! I love both!!! Thanks again Kathy. You made my day!!!

  5. Glenda

    Holy smokes, this is gorgeous! I love the paper and all the little details you used to create! I’ve been in a slump and hoping to be inspired! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Gail Scott

    An adorable box – I did the tutorial you gifted us as a Merry Christmas gift – I have yet to fill and decorate – I had some errors but I am good – it is my tester hehe – It was a great tutorial and this box is super duper fun with the story and all and Edith the Squirrel –thanks for sharing your art – have fun baking cookies. Blessings

  7. Jill C McAuley

    Edith Squirrel has had some help from her “interior designer”! Kathy, what a sweet story to match the sweet folio. How about a children’s craft storybook as your next venture?! BTW, the countdown has almost reached “Last Minute” status and the small paper envelope gift square is perfect as a little gesture for neighbors and coworkers. Thank you again Kathy and Merry Christmas.

  8. Katie Baird

    I never doubted for a moment that Edith Squirrel would win with her beautiful and festive decorations! What a delight to read and see all of the wonderful additions to this sweet folio. While the base may be the same, each one of your creations is so unique and special. Love to you this wonderful Christmas season!

  9. Cheryl Wells

    I love your thoughts and comments about the squirrel getting her nest ready for Christmas – cute story and what a way to get your creative juices flowing to move your imagination into the story to make it come to life – beautiful work!!

  10. soozyb2013

    Love this, I do like those wee squirrels, the dogs like to chase them, they have never caught one, don’t think they could, there are so many trees, they squirrel always does a clean getaway. Really like the insides, love the papers!!!!! Happy Saturday. I haven’t even begun baking. ;(

  11. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, I never get tired of these darling boxes. This one is so beautiful and the little squirrel on the front is just precious. The beautiful colors and images from this Stamperia collection cannot be rivaled. The interactive elements are fantastic as well as all of the sweet surprises inside. Loved the story about Little Edith Squirrel. So cute. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous creation! Hugs!

  12. Judy N.

    WOW….you create so many beautiful things I can’t keep up….I want to make them all for myself…going to try to make some of these projects in the new year for sure…just beautiful work!!!

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