Throwback Thursday Stamperia Atelier Cards

Stamperia Atelier Cards from Scraps for Throwback Thursday by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Throwback Thursday: Stamperia Atelier Cards from Scraps

Hello, Friends!  Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday!  Today we are going to make a stack Stamperia Atelier cards using just the scraps from that lovely paper collection.  One of the ways I’ve been passing the time during quarantine is by digging through the Closet of Shame looking for collections that are mostly used up.  I’ve been polishing them off by making happy mail to send out to help brighten the days of others.  You may have been the recipient of some of these little treats.  If so, I hope they brought you joy.  I’ll continue to do this as time allows, until I run out of postage (or paper…which let’s face it….not very likely.  Have you seen my Closet of Shame???)

I don’t  have a tutorial today, but I do have lots of tips for working with scraps.  My hope is that you will find inspiration for using up bits and pieces of favorite old collections.  We need to make room for the new, right?

The cards made in this post were all devised from pre-cut pieces, fussy cuts, and scraps of the Stamperia Atelier collection.  I did not have a single full sized piece of paper.  I think the largest scrap I had was about 6″ x 8″.  But I still  managed to make 5 lovely little cards.

Stamperia Atelier Butterfly Postcard

Stamperia Atelier had a few post card sized images. This butterfly was one of them.  To add a few simple layers to the card I did the following:

  • First, mat the image on light blue, steel grey and cream cardstock.  This instantly lends depth and dimension.
  • Don’t worry about creating a “standard” sized card.  Instead, create the card base to fit the paper panel.  This card ended up being about 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.  (I forgot to measure.)
  • Add a torn paper edge to the back side of the postcard to give it a more organic feel.
  • Use art pieces from the collection cover.  The fussy cut scissors and thimble were cover art.  The little square behind them is also from the cover.
  • Keep the inside very simple, like a note card.  Add a small strip of paper to the side or bottom to make it look as though it came from a boutique, but that is all that is really necessary.
Stamperia Atelier Dress Form Card

Once again, I sized the card base to match the largest panel of paper I had to work with.  Here are a few tips for this card:

  • First, ink edges with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink.  This helps to define and unify each element in a card.
  • Die cut doilies, frames or other layers from cream cardstock to help fill in the space and add visual interest.
  • Again, use the cover!  The little measuring tape on the bottom of this card was from the back cover of the collection.
  • Create tags from small scraps.  Simply trim little triangles from the corners.  These can be tucked behind a larger panel , so even if the end is ragged or uneven, no one will know!
Stamperia Atelier Tall & Skinny Card

  • Stitch together a patchwork of smaller patterned pieces to create a unique card background.  The stitching helps to cover up the “pieced” panels and looks deliberate.
  • Die cut a dress form from patterned paper and from chipboard.  Layer the paper over the chipboard.  Place dimensionals on the back to make it pop off the page.
Stamperia Atelier Shaker Card

For this shaker card, I joined together two panels of paper that were the same width.  The machine stitching and lace accent makes this look like one solid piece of paper.  But it’s not.

The image in the shaker frame is actually cut from the cover art of the collection.  It was small, and would not have had much of a presence on the card all by itself.  By framing it inside the shaker, it becomes the main focus of the card.  It’s like a magic trick!

Stamperia Atelier Tag and Pocket Card

By the time I got to this card, I was really on the very last bits and bobs of this gorgeous collection.  So I placed the short panel on the card base, and used another short panel as a pocket!    The tags are cobbled together from fussy cut elements in the collection and pieces from the collection cover.

I have to admit…even I was impressed at how many cards I was able to make from these lovely scraps.  It made my heart happy to use up one of my all time favorite Stamperia collections.  And my joy was doubled by sending these cards out as little surprises for my friends.

You can see other projects created with this gorgeous collection HERE and HERE.

I hope I’ve shared some tips, tricks and ideas that you can use to help you polish off some of your favorite collections.  What was your favorite tip that I shared today?  I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Keep calm and craft on, my friends!



NOTE: There is no linked supply list today as most of what I used came from retired goodies in my stash.  But I bet if you dig around in your craft room, you can find some lovely stuff to add to your cards, too.

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Stamperia Atelier Cards

  1. Sara Barker

    Oh, my goodness! This is one fabulous post filled to the brim with wonderful little creations and tons of inspiration! I’m sure you made the days (perhaps month!) of 5 wonderful friends! Love seeing all the details, and am loving that your made a scrap from the cover art the star of your sweet shaker card. These are all wonderful cards and you have such talent to use scraps in such a way. I am going to use this post for inspiration — thank you so much!

  2. Isabel Borrero-Gonzalez

    I love the cards! I love the tags! I love the paper pieceing! I love the ribbon! I love the buttons! I love the butterflies! I love the framed shaker and I love the flowers! You get it, Kathy?! I love everything!!!! I also love how your creative mind thinks my friend!!!!

  3. MayH

    Throw back Thursdays are the best! Awesome paper and designs; makes my heart smile over and over. Your papers and embellishments are always a perfect 10.

  4. Martie Rollin

    As pretty as all 5 cards are, I am partial to those with machine stitching as an element…most appropriate for sewing themed cards. I, too, save all my scraps to create card fronts from pieces. This is when I will add in a few coordinating solids for the larger layers. The phrase “Closet of Shame” does not exist in my vocabulary!! Every collection is merely waiting for just the right project. In your position, as an artist representing specific paper companies, you are obligated to use the latest products they have sent your way. Establishing your “Throwback Thursday” is terrific for visiting with older favorites that provide, both, inspiration and creative joy. Sometimes, I find that totally using up a collection is a bit sad. Why? Because a few weeks later, that particular collection would have been perfect for a new special order…Murphy’s Law in action. Ha! Ha!

  5. Susan Steele

    Awww!!! You can never have too much happy!!! So so true!!! Just luv what all you can create with your beautiful scraps!!! But the amazing thing is that they don’t look like they are made from scraps! Saw your beautiful blue doily and wondered why I had never thought to die cut one in color myself!?!? Luv all your special “Kathy” details …the butterflies, the flowers, all the bits of lace and buttons and dress forms! They are all just beautiful! Luv’n these papers! Wishing I’d of gotten some ….Your recipients are gonna treasure these! Thanks for sharing your creations! Hugs, Suzy Q

  6. Claire Gagne

    What wonderful cards Kathy. I’m loving the blue color, but purple is my favorite. You’ve inspired me to do more with my card makes these days. Also using some techniques in making mini albums as add-ons! Be safe & TYFS

  7. Sue D

    Beautiful cards made with this collection. I like the tip of stitching a patchwork of pieces together.

  8. Gena L Krannig

    Oh how I love throwback Thursdays! How awesome that you made so many beauties from just using your scraps. You have made me look at even the tiniest piece in a whole different way. Now I save every last little bit. Our papers, especially Stamperia, are too precious not to! I love all of these but I think my favorite is that darling little butterfly shaker. Thank you for sharing and brightening up my day! Hugs!

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