Vintage Style Easter Shaker Card


Authentique Cottontail Easter Shaker Card by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design for Really Reasonable Ribbon Photo 01
Vintage Style Easter Shaker Card with Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, Friends!  Here’s a sweet vintage style Easter Shaker card to brighten up your day.

Remember Easter Petticoats?  Every little girl had a new Easter dress (mine were hand me downs from my cousin) and every Easter dress had a big poufy, scratchy petticoat attached to the skirt.  Sitting through the Easter church service with that petticoat pricking at the back of your legs was almost as torturous as the little hat with the elastic band that cut into your chin.  So when I found this pink trim while tidying up in the studio, I had to give this vintage style Easter card a petticoat.  Yes, yes, I did!

Vintage Style Easter Shaker Card:  The Details

Here’s how this sweet card came together.


  • First, create a 5 1/2″ square easel card base from kraft cardstock.
  • Next, stitch a 5″ panel of patterned paper from Authentique Cottontail onto soft pink and periwinkle cardstock mats.
  • Now, cut a double ended fishtail banner from a strip of Cottontail plaid.  This should be slightly wider than the card base.
  • Create a shaker element (directions below). Center and adhere to the card base.
  • Add a cluster of spring flowers and foliage to the left hand side of the frame.
  • Tie a double loop bow with Coral Rose Mini Check Plaid Ribbon.  This ribbon is featured in the April Ribbon Club Assortment.  Tuck this under the floral cluster and secure with hot glue.
  • Now tie a loopy string bow with Iridescent Metallic String.  Adhere the knot on top of the plaid bow.
  • Add a button and a metal filigree corner to the card front.
Vintage Style Easter Shaker Card: How to Make the Shaker Frame

Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board Medium Patina Lilac Heart Frame Shaker by Kathy Clement Kathy by Design Photo 01

Life is all about perspective…and in many ways, so is papercrafting.  I wanted to use this sweet vintage image inside this Reneabouquet’s Medium Patina Lilac Heart Frame.  But the frame was wider than the image.  The “fix” was to place the frame on the diagonal so that the image would fit nicely inside.

Prepare the shaker frame with a little Crystal Clear Glitter.  Use a small piece of sponge to tap the flower with Dries Clear Adhesive.  Then sprinkle with the glitter and let the excess slide off into a tray or a sheet of printer paper. Then adhere blue rhinestones over gems that are printed on the Beautiful Board.  Let everything dry.  Then you are ready to make the shaker element.

  • First, place the frame over the image so that there are no gaps on the sides.
  • Now lightly trace around the outside of the heart to mark the cutting lines on the image.
  • Next, cut out the image and set aside.
  • Repeat this procedure, only this time, trace onto clear cardstock (acetate sheets).
  • Adhere the clear cardstock to the back of the frame using Dries Clear Adhesive.  Wipe away any glue smudges immediately.
  • Now add 3 layers of 1/8″ foam strips to the back of the frame.
  • Flip the frame face down on a clean sheet of printer paper.  Fill with a shaker mix.
  • Carefully line up the cut out image and adhere face down over the foam strips.  Check for gaps and seal with tape.
  • Now you can adhere the shaker frame to the card base and add your embellishments.
Vintage Style Easter Shaker Card: A Peek Inside

For easel cards, I actually make the inside of the card before I adhere the card cover.  This card has a little pocket and a little treat from the Easter Bunny inside.

Create a mini note card from your scraps and tuck inside the pocket.

I hope I shared so tips, tricks and ideas that you can use in  your next crafty adventure.  If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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15 thoughts on “Vintage Style Easter Shaker Card

  1. Carol Edwards

    Hello Kathy, oh the memories you’ve brought to mind. Every Easter my mum bought me a new outfit. It was always so exciting to choose something new to wear. Going to church excited not wanting to waste time rushing home to Easter eggs. I so remember the itchy, prickly feeling of the underskirt too. Beautiful card as always, full of surprises and magic. Happy Easter to you and your family. Stay safe and healthy everyone Carol xx

  2. MaryH

    Kathy, I love this card! It invokes such memories, Easter in DC with those lovely Cherry Blossoms (like pink snow), Ah those crinolines under a Poodle skirt. And we had two cute poodles as pets. Okay remember penny loafers, saddle shoes (not the most flattering) what fun at the Hot Shoppe. As usual you have gone to the next level with your paper choices, colors and those embellishments so exquisite! Hmmm must have a look at some of those picture albums stored away and call my sister! Thanks for bringing back happy Easter memories of good times and family. You never disappoint! Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

  3. Gena L Krannig

    Kathy, this is one of the sweetest shaker cards ever! OMG that heart frame is just perfect for the shaker elements and that adorable image of the children and little lamb. ALL of the images are just as darling as they can be. Now let’s talk that petticoat! How ingenious! It adds just the cutest element to your card! And oh yes I remember those petticoats and we had those little hats that were wide bands with flowers on them that gave you a headache. LOL Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  4. Isabel Borrero-Gonzalez

    Your description of the petticoat and the elastic are so on point. Ha, Ha!! You had me smiling just thinking of those days. Your card came out so sweet, Kathy. I love all the little images in this collection. Thank you for sharing this wonderful card with us, sweet friend!!

  5. Candy

    This is so sweet, Kathy! Your tutorials are always so well written! One of these days I am going to attempt to make one if your beautiful styles of cards. If it turns out 1/4 as wonderful as yours, I’ll consider it a success. This card is precious!

  6. Martie Rollin

    I’m giggling at the memories of wearing “stick out slips” under a full skirt…considered a very dressy necessity for Easter. Reading the shared memories of you and your subscribers gives me a good idea of our ages. Ha! Ha! I remember those white gloves, too. And for the boys? I remember my Dad standing behind each of my brothers as he expertly knotted their brand new ties. Remember the shiny patent leather Mary Jane shoes? My favorite element on this delightful card: that little bunny with the spring blossoms placed on top of the pink trim. Love the pink gingham peeking from beneath the trim! Bunny hops and jellybean wishes to all!

  7. soozyb2013

    what lovely little images Kathy. Really a sweet card for Easter. 🙂 Stay well my friend. Hugs from BC

  8. Susan Steele

    This card is absolutely adorable!!! And luv that shaker image with those cute shaker goodies inside! And that netting!!! My mother went all out with so much netting for the petticoat that our dresses stood straight out and our pudgy little legs would completely show! Lol! My little sister and I had to wear identical outfits with the matching hats (forgot about the chin elastic) sometimes she would use a hatpin! Ouch! And can’t forget the white gloves too! And a purse with a beautiful flower print hankie inside! Sweet memories anyway!!! Thanks for sharing this sweet card! Just luv that pink netting across the bottom! Gotta go see if I can find some in my stash! Hugs, Suzy Q

  9. Rosemary Sokolowski

    This card is darling – I love it just as much as all your cards. I remember wearing a crinoline slip under my party dress. Who new they would be vintage item someday.
    Happy Easter!

  10. Claire Gagne

    Beautiful card Kathy. I remember the crinolines too. How about the hoops? I loved those too to wear on a Sunday morning!! The good old days. Love the colors on the card.

  11. Helen

    So sweet, Kathy. The heart shaker is a great way to highlight the scene. Thinking of trying an old romance scene done this way for a Valentine card. Love the crinoline touch–ours were always a separate “half slip” that had layers attached to an elastic band–a fun memory. tfs-Hugs. Stay well.

  12. Ann Marie Governale

    Love love love. I will def try this! Thank you got sharing your “how to” info. So generous of you. Just beautiful!

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