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CS Pilgrim 03Crafty Secrets Vintage Thanksgiving Card

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Have I told you yet that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?  Well, it is!  I marvel at the stories about the Pilgrims who bravely left their homes in England in search of freedom to worship, freedom to raise their families free from fear, and freedom to create a new life for themselves.  After that first “starving winter” they were ready to celebrate a time of plenty and set aside a special day of thanksgiving to do just that.  I love that we carry that tradition on in our homes today, and I always look forward to spending that day of gratitude  with our family.  This vintage Thanksgiving card uses papers and images from the Crafty Secrets Creating with Vintage Illustrations CD  and the Seasonal Booklet.

CS Pilgrim 01I stamped some Posy Patch flowers onto paper that I printed from my computer and then die cut, shaped, spritzed and stacked them.  Lots of inking and copper embossing powder was added to the mix along with this wonderful Brown and Copper Ribbon and burlap string.  And yes, that is star anise atop the bow!  I was wandering around the spice section of a local store when I spotted a bag of this wonderfully fragrant spice and snatched it up to use as an embellishment on cards.  I tapped this one with a little Versamark and added a little copper embossing powder.  The card not only looks like Thanksgiving, it smells like it, too!

CS Pilgrim 03The swirled flourish is die cut from an old cereal box, embossed with a folder and then tapped with Versamark and heat embossed with more copper embossing powder.  I used a bunch of teal embossing powder on the die cut frame that the image rests on.

CS Pilgrim 03So, pie is a big deal at Thanksgiving in our house.  I started a bad tradition when Dale and I were newlyweds.  His favorite pie was pecan; my favorite pie was pumpkin.  So I made us each our favorite pie.  Then we had Peter….and Liz, then Kimberly, Andrew and Joel.  And Mom lived with us.  And then kids got married…and I had to make their spouses’ favorite pies so as not to show favoritism.  And they conspired together to ensure that no one chose the same “favorite pie” .  The result was that I have made as many as a dozen DIFFERENT pies at Thanksgiving.  I’ve started paring back (a little) as no one eats as much as they used to, and we really do try to limit our sugar intake.  But it’s Thanksgiving, right?  Let there be pie!

CS Pilgrim 04I wrote a little poem on the inside of the card, and layered on some of the same papers I used on the front.  I used my photo editing program to alter the colors of the papers so that they were the exact colors I wanted to use on my card.  It takes about 3 seconds to do this when I use the color changer tool in my PaintShop Pro.  I’m not very computer savvy, so the fact that I can make custom papers to match my projects really makes me happy.

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you have any questions or comments about the creation of this vintage Thanksgiving card, I’d love to hear from you. I try to personally respond to every comment that is left on my blog.  It means so much to me when I hear from you!

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  1. Gloria Stengel

    I love the card, esp. that image as she’s my favorite! Love that you used a real spice. And you wrote a poem. You are awesome! I love this card and the person receiving it will be thrilled to pieces!!!

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