White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag

Frilly and Funkie Most Memorable Gift Challenge: White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag

Hello, Friends!  It’s time for another great challenge over at the Frilly and Funkie BlogSuzz is our hostess, and the theme is Most Memorable Gift.  I’ve created a frosty White Christmas Etcetera  Shaker Tag to share with you today, but before we get into the details on that, let’s see what Suzz has to say about this challenge.

Challenge Theme: Most Memorable Gift

December for many of us is a time where we give and receive.  That had me thinking about the most memorable gifts I have received over the years.  These including a signed book from one of my favorite authors, handwritten notes from my children, a singing hot dog condiment stand and the first gift my husband gave me when we were dating.  Since this is the season of giving I want you to be inspired by a memorable gift and use that to create a vintage or shabby chic project that captures the inspiration from that gift.  You can make a card, a tag, share a journal entry or any kind of project you desire. Just be sure to mention the memorable gift and how it inspired your creation.

White Christmas Etcetera Tag

I have been pondering this challenge for a long time.  When I finally settled upon my most memorable Christmas, the gift became clear.  This White Christmas Etcetera  Shaker Tag sets the stage for the story, so I’ll share it first, then tell you the tale of my Most Memorable Gift.

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 1

The year was 1969.  The weather in Central Vermont was unseasonably warm and there was not a single flake of snow to be seen.  Our sleds stood idle on our porches, and even though Main Street in our small New England town was dressed up in holiday lights, it just didn’t feel like Christmas. Where, oh where was the snow?

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 2

This strangely warm weather pattern continued all the way up to Christmas Eve, which fell on a Wednesday that year.  How well I remember trudging in to the Christmas Eve candlelight service with green grass all around.  Dad remarked on the way through the doors, “Looks like it’s going to be a green Christmas this year.”  My 13 year old heart sank at the thought of a Christmas without snow.

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 3

There was no time to worry about the situation, however.  I had to don my white Junior Choir robe, tie the black bow tie and get in line for the processional down the aisle.  Warm, soft candlelight filled the sanctuary as choirs and congregation sang the sweet familiar Christmas hymns.  We wriggled impatiently in our pews as the pastor shared a short Christmas sermon.  Then we all traipsed downstairs to the fellowship hall for Christmas cookies, coffee and a visit from Santa.

A Christmas Miracle

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 4

What I failed to realize was that while we were singing carols and munching sugar cookies, a Christmas miracle was taking place outside.  Snow was falling…and not just a little!  Huge fluffy white flakes of snow filled the now crisp wintry night.  The snow came up over the tops of my shoes and coated the top of my head.

It snowed all the way home.

It snowed the whole time we opened our presents.

Snow fell all night long while we slept.

And when we woke in the morning, over 3 feet of snow had fallen…and it continued to snow.

A White Christmas to Remember

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 5

This was an epic snowfall.  No one could make it to the top of the steep hill where our home lay blanketed with snow.  I still remember the serenity and the silence of that wonderful scene.  Not a car engine to be heard anywhere.  Everyone on the hill and in the town below was tucked up inside where it was warm and cozy.

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 6

Since my dad and mom served as the manager/treasurer for our small community credit union, our home was always filled with local people coming to deposit, withdraw or make payment on a loan.  We almost never had a day when we had our parents all to ourselves.

But this Christmas, the snow was so thick that we had 3 whole days where not a single soul braved the icy roads.  Three whole days to play games with Dad, eat Mom’s good cooking, and enjoy being a family.  That snow storm was the most memorable gift I’ve ever received.

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 7

The Best Gifts Don’t Come in a Package

Little did we know at the time, this would be Dad’s last Christmas with us.  He died suddenly the following spring.  When I think of Christmas past, this is the one that comes to mind. The memory of those precious hours spent as a family are worth more to me than any gift I’ve ever received.  The laughter, the love, the fun and games of that Christmas held me through the darker, less joyous ones to come.

The timing of that snowfall could not have been more perfect or more miraculous.  It was a gift from Heaven, and like most of life’s best gifts, it didn’t come in a package.

White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 8White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag by Kathy Clement for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog Photo 9

I haven’t shared any tips, tricks or techniques for this project in this post.  That’s because I’ll be doing a Step x Step tutorial on the Frilly and Funkie Blog on Saturday, December 9th.  You will learn how I prepared the base for this White Christmas Etcetera Tag.  You’ll also learn how to create the shaker window element.  I hope you will join me on Saturday.

Now it’s YOUR Turn

We’d love to see your Most Memorable Gift project, and invite you to share it with us over on the Frilly and Funkie Blog. Simply create your own vintage or shabby chic style project following the challenge theme.  Then link it up on the Frilly and Funkie Blog before 11:55PM EST on Tuesday, December 20th.

The Frilly and Funkie team will choose our top four picks. Our favorite pick will be invited with to join us as a Guest Designer  at Frilly and Funkie.  The next three favorites will receive Top 3 badges to display on their blogs. Everyone who enters and follows the rules will be entered into the draw to have the chance to win a $25 spending spree at The Funkie Junkie Boutique.

This is our last challenge for 2017, so we hope you will find time to play along.  We’re all going to enjoy a nice Christmas break and be back for the first challenge of 2018 in January.

Thanks so much for letting me share this White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag with you, and for taking the time to read the story of my Most Memorable Gift.

Wishing you all a Christmas to remember!



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21 thoughts on “White Christmas Etcetera Shaker Tag

  1. quilterlin

    What a wonderful memory, Kathy! I have a similar one of walking home through the snow with my Mom. There was so much snow that there were no cars on the road and we had it all to ourselves……I adore what your memory created – a gorgeous keepsake!

  2. stampersuzz

    Kathy this had me tearing up as well. I threw out the challenge to see what we all could be inspired by and yours went well beyond anything I had thought of and really was the perfect memorable gift. To me that is exactly what I cherish most about our Christmas day. The time we spend together. Gorgeous shaker tag and thank you for sharing your beautiful memory.

  3. Cathie Cowles

    Aw, Kathy, what a beautiful story and lovely memory. It certainly was a gift from Heaven and a cherished time for all of you to enjoy your father without interruption. God takes care of us always and this story is one of the many instances of proof. Your shaker tag set is amazing and those carolers are now on my wish list. It’s so fun and festive and I love how you used jingle bells for the flower centers. So clever! You’re a rockstar and always amaze me with your creations! Love it!

    Cathie ♥

  4. Jenny Marples

    Totally with Sara Emily and Autumn on getting all emotional reading your moving Christmas story and what followed Kathy. That snowfall and the peaceful family time it provided was surely meant to be. You’ve commemorated it perfectly with this amazing tag and I can’t wait to see how it all came together on Saturday xx

  5. ncguygirl

    There should be a love button for this one, Sis. Thanks for sharing this magical memory from our life on the hill.

  6. sewpaperpaint

    I’m with Sara Emily, in that this really has me teared up. We never truly know the value of a moment and I’m so thankful that in the midst of a storm God was holding your family safe in his hands and creating such treasures for each of you. Only He can plan such an event. So many things in our lives come unexpectedly and in a hurry, but we truly must stop and look for these miracles and savor His favor. I’m really moved by your story and truly inspired by each beautiful detail on your incredibly beautiful project. Thanks so much for inspiring me throughout 2017. Merry Christmas, Autumn

  7. Cec

    Your shaker tag is so much fun and has so many wonderful festive details. The story strikes a real chord with me because that was my Christmas when I was younger right down to the white choir robe and the black tie.

  8. Sara Emily Barker

    OK, Kathy, so this time I just looked at the pretty pictures, and my, oh my! What a sensational winter/Christmas-y scene you have created! I love the paper layers (how DO you do that?), the shaker window (squeal!), the snowy jingle bells and festive bows and those CAROLERS! They have never looked better! And then, of course, you flip this beauty around and it becomes a gift! Off to see if this one’s going in the shop, because I HAVE to hold it in my hands! You did an amazing job with not only the interpretation of the theme but on this wonderful piece of artwork! Sending hugs!

  9. Sara Emily Barker

    Oh, dear, Kathy! I’m afraid, I’ve only read your post, and now I am filled with tears, I can’t comment on the beuaty of your project. What a lovely Christmas present your family received! You are so right, the best gifts don’t come in a package! Sniff…

  10. Helen

    Love it…Love it…Love it. Both the card and the story. Can’t wait for your tutorial video since you’ve given me a great idea for the Christmas cards I’ll give my sisters so they can journal Christmas memories. tfs

  11. Wendy B.

    wow, what a memorable gift indeed! And I agree, the best gifts are rarely wrapped. Love your project both front and back, looking forward to reading how it all came together.

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thank you so much, Wendy! I really enjoyed putting this one together, and I’m excited to share the details with you on Saturday! Merry Christmas!

  12. Ann DeHart

    What a beautiful card, but more importantly, what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing with us; I’m looking forward to your tutorial on Saturday.

  13. lynn legge

    as always your cards are beautiful..i love that window scene…it puts me to mind of younger days..i miss that people don’t carol anymore..or even go visiting and bring cookies..seems life is too hectic for the small things in life.
    also love the flip card album…love all your designs..they are lucky to have you….im sure you inspire lots of people. I know you do me…
    xo lynn

  14. Astrid Maclean

    Kathy, not only is this an amazing tag I just love the colours and embellishments, – I was really moved by your beautiful story! It reads like a book!!! Because of where I live and have lived most of my life, (and I am now well into my 60s) I have only once experienced a white Christmas with at least a few dustings of snow, so all I can do is dreaming that one year it will happen. Your memory of that special one is indeed a wonderful gift to treasure!

    1. kathycNC Post author

      Thank you so much, Astrid! I had such a good time planning this project out and even more fun putting it together. I thank you for the kind words about my writing. This story is close to my heart, and one that I remember every Christmas, so it gave me great joy to share it here. Merry Christmas!

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