Graphic 45 Staples Tags Are the Bees Knees Tag Card with Times Nouveau DCE

Hello, G45’ers!  If you love tags, you are going to love today’s post.  I’ve pulled out one my Times Nouveau DCE,  some Staples Tags, Distress Oxide Inks and lot of other paper playthings to make this fabulous The Bees Knees Tag Card.

I’m a huge fan of G45 Staples Tags!  They come in many styles and sizes, which means you can use them in a near endless variety of ways.  The beautiful shaped edge and vintage metal grommet makes them the perfect layering element on a card or layout.  You can string alpha tags together to  make a pretty banner that spells out a special greeting.  Tie a decorated tag onto gift packaging to take it to the next level.  Tuck a decorated tag into a card to be used as a bookmark, and you’ve just turned a card into a gift. Set them on a small easel and use them for home decor.  I’ve even used Staples Tags as pages in my mini albums.

These are thick, heavy tags ,made from high quality paper, which means you can layer them up with mixed media materials and use them as a mini canvas.  Add Distress Inks or paints to these tags to add that trendy watercolor element to your creation. There seems to be no end to the number of creative ways that you can put these workhorses to use during your crafty adventure time.

From Tag to Card: Let the Adventure Begin!

I’ve made a lot of tags along the way, but this time around, I wanted to try something totally different.  So I challenged myself to make a card using Staples Tags as the base.  I spent a delightful morning in my studio with a stack of Staples Ivory tags in various sizes and the ever fresh Times Nouveau Deluxe Collector’s Edition.  Distress Oxide Inks joined the party, making things even more lively.  I even found a way to work a hidden tag pocket into the design.

The Bees Knees Tag Card: Creating the spine

You can turn a tag into a uniquely shaped card by creating a hinged spine to join two tags of the same size together.  For these long tags, I cut my hinge to measure 7” tall x  2 ¼”  wide.  Score this strip of paper on the short side at 1” and again at 1 ¼” .  Before you add the designer papers to the insides of your tags, glue the 1” strip on each side of the scored lines between the two tags, leaving a ¼” spine.

The Bees Knees Tag Card: Pockets, Tags and Folios

Tags and pockets just go together.  I turned this fabulous image into a side pocket for these two little folios.  Photos, journaling or gift cards can be tucked inside.  I love the little banner/paper clip embellishment made with scraps.  When paper is this fabulous, you want to use every little bit!

Try using Mixed Media supplies on your tags to add an extra level of interest.  I used Distress Oxide inks to dress up the text area on both “Cheers” and “Celebrate” tags.  With ink or paints, you can add that trendy watercolor element to your creation and color match your papers every time.

If an image (like the Bee’s Knees Postcard on this tag)  is too wide for your tag base, here is a simple solution.  Measure the width of your surface, then score and fold the image.  Add a decorative image to the flap, and you’ve just turned a dilemma into an interactive element. 

It’s the perfect spot to tuck in a hidden tag pocket and treat!

Chipboard Tags Come Along for the Ride

You can use the chipboard elements that come with the Deluxe Collector’s Edition to make fantastic embellishments for your card.  I glued the tags back to back, then hitched them to a Tim Holtz Swivel Clasp.

The tags are reversible, and I love the motion they add to the design.

Other Tips and Tricks
  1. I always decorate the insides of my cards first, and I followed that same process with this unique tag card.  This keeps the front cover of the card from being crushed or soiled as you work on the inside.
  2. Use Staples Metal packaging for the back piece of your tag card.  The heavy chipboard base will allow your tag card to stand up without buckling under the weight of all the card layers.  Sand the surface lightly so that papers will adhere and then go to town creating your next masterpiece.
  3. I like to back laser cut tags with black cardstock to make the stylish font pop off the page.

Are you inspired to break out your pretty G45 papers, Staples Tags, scissors and glue?  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Graphic 45 The Bees Knees Tag Card

  1. Sara Emily Barker

    Kathy, this is a fabulous design using all these tags! I love the little pocket with the tag and chocolate enclosure and the side pocket you made with the cherries panel and beautiful woman’s portrait. This little touches just tickle me pink! And the tags backed with another tag to make a chunky embellishment–so clever! I’ve really missed coming to your blog while we were on vacation! Sending hugs!

  2. Carol Edwards

    Such a clever use of tags and labels Kathy. Thank for all the hints and tips you share. You are so very generous my friend. Hugs XX

  3. Helen

    Hadn’t thought of using tags for a card design until I saw this one. My mind immediately jumped to the St. Nicholas Graphic 45 set I purchased for this Christmas’s card making. Now I know that at least one of the cards will be patterned on your tag card design. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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